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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tim's Anonimo on Dangerous9strap

Hi strap lovers, my good customer, Tim contacted me a little while ago with a simple request - a Tan strap with black stitching and fitted with a deployment claps. Pretty straight forward request, but complicated at the same time because as everyone knows, that since I custom blend my leather dyes myself, I can make a Tan strap in about 1000 different tones of Tan. Which one would look good on Tim's Anonimo? I decided to go with the most straight forward tan color I could come up with: medium tan, not too yellow, not too brown or with too many red tones and no antiquing (difficult as I'm always temped to add antiquing). Here is what I ended up with: an honest tan that has a great almost military feel, especially with the black stitching.

I have to admit though as much as I like this new Dangerous9strap, I think Tim's great white dialed Anonimo watch is so cool, it makes my strap look better than it is, instead of the other way around. OK, maybe they just compliment each other perfectly. Thank you Time for these really great photos! You're is definitely may new "Watch of the Week".

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