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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Frogs and Toads flying in to Dangerous9straps

Yes, that's right strap lovers, Dangerous9strap has just been infested with bullfrogs and Cane Toads!! They've just flown in fresh from the land of OZ and are ready to be made into fully custom watch straps for your Bell & Ross, Panerai, Breitling, Rolex, Lum-Tec or any other watch you love and want to treat to a nice frogy or Cane Toad skin strap. These skins are beautifully tanned in great colors and with great pattering and with a wonderful tactile feel. These skins aren't very large and I'll probably only get one strap from each skin, so I expect these skins to go fast. I recommend if you'd like me to reserve one for your custom strap, that you contact me right away!
(Medium Brown Bull Frog - Matte Finish)

(Olive Cane Toad - Matte finish)

(Black Bullfrog - Matte finish)

(Cognac Cane Toad - Semi-Gloss finish)

(Tan Cane Toad - Semi-Gloss Finish)
For a closer look, Please check out this slide show for a complete run down with detailed view:

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