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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brady's Swiss Ammo for Tag Acquaracer

Hi strap lovers. Often people want to have a custom strap made and assume that since they don't have a Panerai or Bell & Ross or other brand that is common among custom strap makers, that they just have very limited options (or none at all). Not true here at Dangerous9straps. I believe that any watch that my customers love is worthy of having mounted on a really great custom strap. I can't tell you how many times my customers have told me that they fallen even more deeply for their watch and what a difference it's made having their watch pair with a really great strap. I know I've had the experience several times myself. Here are some photos of Brady's strap made from a really great Swiss Ammo Pouch made for his Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m I just sent this strap off this week and really hope that Brady loves the new look it gives his Tag and hope it deepens his appreciation for his great watch and the joy he takes from straping it on. Feeding my customer's passions for their watches is what I'm all about here at Dangerous9straps. Weather your watch is a $10,000 Panerai or a $5,000 Tag Heure or a $500 Lum-Tec, every strap that I make is given the very same effort and attention, because that's how I express my passion by helping you express yours.

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