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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Almost in full production in Germany!!

Hi Strap lovers. As many of you know I've been in the middle of a move from Southern California to the Munich area of Germany and have been out of production since the middle of March. Well I can finally announce that I'll be in full production this week. there have been a lot of moving parts to this move and a lot of details to nail down. This trans con move has been quite an Odyssey. I've been running around buying supplies that were too bulky or heavey to fit into my luggage (all the important leather tools and supplies flew on the plane with me ($500 extra weight and baggage fee - ouch!!), unpacking and getting setup and a way that will allow me to be fully functional. I'm off to the store now to pick up a coupler and 6cm flex hose that will allow me to attach my belt sander to my dust collector (critical or my work space and the rest of the work spaces in the building with be enveloped in leather dust!!). My newly purchased belt sander and dremel tool are the only power tools I use in my strap makeing, but ones I can't do without, if I want to get the straps shaped and edged to Dangerous9 standards.

But I'm happy to be here and it's spring time in Bavaria and for Dangerous9straps. Life is good being reunited with my wife and daughter, as we've been separated for some time. For those of you who've been waiting been waiting for your straps for in some cases, many weeks now, I thank you all very much for your patience and your continued support.

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