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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shark Attack at Dangerous9!!

Hi strap lovers. I wanted to let everyone know that among the exotic skins that I recently picked from my field trip to one of my suppliers are a couple of really fabulous Shark skins! These were acquired and in fact the whole field trip was prompted by a request from my very good customer David from Houston, Texas, who had a desire for a Navy colored shark skin strap for his blue faced PAM Sub. I looked everywhere and checked with mu suppliers and I could not find any Shark Skin in navy blue anywhere. One of my suppliers, who happens to be local to SoCal suggested that I buy a white (undyed not white shark species) shark skin and then I could dye it any color I liked! One thing led to another and I was invited to make the trip into Marina Del Rey to his shop to check out his very large selection of exotic leathers and skins. I'll be announcing a bunch of new and very special skins that I purchased from him in the coming weeks. Right now though I ended up buying the white shark skin and a wonderful rustic brown nubuck shark as well. Both of these skins are soft, but the nu buck skin is incredibly buttery soft!! The white shark has a surface like a microscopic stingray skin as you can see from one of the photos and has a very cool texture. So, here is some photos of David's Navy Blue Shark strap and some photos of the sharks I bought.

(white sharked dyed Navy Blue - check out the Micro Texture!)
If you've got an idea for a shark strap in navy or any other color, let me know, because I can dye the white into just about any color you can imagine! And if you'd like a rustic brown shark skin strap that is so buttery soft you'll not believe it, let me know, as these skins won't last long.

Here are some photos of David's Navy blue Shark Skin with Grey linen stitching:-):

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