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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finer Dangerous9straps for Panerai OEM Deployments

Hi strap lovers. Dangerous9strap has made a bit of a name for itself by by making Bigger, Beefier, straps for such watch brands as Bell & Ross and Panerai. But did you know that not all Dangerous9 straps are big and beefy and I am very capable of making a more delicate and finer formed strap for almost any watch brand. Here's a case in point: The strap featured here, while being a PAM strap, is made to Panerai specs, with padding at the lug, finer stitching and both narrows to 22mms and thins to 2.5mms so that it will accommodate the Panerai OEM deployment. This strap is fully lined in calf leather for better look and comfort. I've also used a 4ply linen thread instead of the 7ply that is used on most bigger, beefier Dangerous9straps. I think the finer thread gives the overall strap a more harmonious proportion and dressier look. While at the same time, the cream colored thread, maintains a sporty look. If you love Dangerous9 straps, but have been hesitant to order because your watch would look best with a finer made strap. Contact me I can assure you that I can make you a strap for you Panerai, Breitling, Rolex and even Bell & Ross that is both finely made in detail and Dangerous9 in spirit. And with quality that is express in a watch strap that is fully handmade.

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