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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hi guys, above is my new DSN Big Egi Homage that just came in the mail last Friday. I think it's real looker and it's running very well. At 52mms, it's a size that while quite large for me, is not clown like (as I'm sure the 60mm version would be)
This watch is running the Swiss 6497, which I think will be reliable. I really like the clean look of the sterile dial. It reminds me of the RWC Egi homage, which is a great watch, but at $1100 is to rich for me at the moment. I really prefer the sapphire crystal. I know it's not "vintage", but I just don't really like plexi.

Since this watch doesn't have the small seconds hand, the Nightwatch vintage dial mod is not possible, so this watch is not going the vintage route. If I decide to do a vintage Egi in the future, I'll go ahead and buy the other DSN Egi and have one of each.

The watch arrived with a strap, which was awful, and so was put on an Extra D9 strap I have lying around with no home. Even though this strap was not designed for the Egi, I think it looks great. The no stitch strap really looks great with the minimalist sterile dial, so I think this is the combo I'll be happy with for a while.

The watch also arrived wit an extra solid case back, which I was not expecting and is a really nice bonus - Thanks Davidsen! (Although I do like looking at the movement, so it'll stay with the glass for now I think).

Last thing: the lume on this watch is incredible! It's among the very best I have and is comparable to the lume jobs done by Zig, Vac and Kent Parks!! It's nice to get a watch in this price range from a manufacturer that doesn't need a lume job:)
So here are a stack of photos I took this Saturday (can you tell I'm really happy with this watch!!) :

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