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Sunday, July 18, 2010

latest word from one of my many great customers:
"John, it just took 3 days (to Netherlands). Super duper fast eh?! And it looks absolutely stunning . I just put in on my watch and wrist and it won’t leave the wrist for the coming days. Very easy to install, because not too thick leather near the lugs (other straps on the BR gave me a headache because of that).The lining is perfect and I love how the color of the blue linings and the dark brown strap color combination turned out.
I have had quite some straps from different makers and in terms of finish and build quality yours truly belongs to the top. Not many can compare. Maybe it is even the best…. Also some very smart things in it, f.i. the holes in the strap, not too small so that it won’t be torn by wearing and putting that tine metal through it (what’s its name? J). And also a very smart floating keeper. Most I see have the same width on each side, but yours is bigger on the side of the watch head, due to the strap’s shape: simple and so genius.

Man, it is just awesome. Maybe if I find some time this weekend, I could make a few photo’s.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and it has been great experience buying the strap from you. Top notch!"

Thanks for the great review! Cheers!!

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