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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Classis Breguet 5207 on Black Row Stone Stingray - A Stunning Combination

Hi strap lovers.  This is a strap that I had completed several months ago for a local customer's Breguet 5207, giving me the opportunity to photograph it under my more controlled conditions, which I was very glad to have had, since I was able to spend more quality time admiring this wonderful time piece and to capture the delicate beauty of this watch and it's stunning and elegant silver dial (Silvered gold dial, hand-engraved on a rose engine) and really fun retrograde seconds hand.  The watch is still in production and can be viewed on the Breguet website.


Newly Arrived Swiss Ammo pouches for your custom straps!

Hi strap lovers.  I can't believe that it has been a month since I've as made a post!  This you'll understand is a direct result of my being so very busy and I do hope very much to do better in the coming months sharing some photos of the wonderful straps and customer watches that I am regularly receiving.  I do thank you and try if nothing else to post photos on my Instagram page.  Please be sure to follow me there!  In the meantime, I am going to post the latest batch of Swiss Ammo straps I have just received from our Swiss supplier.  These pouches tend to go fast, so if you see a pouch you would like for your custom strap project, please don't hesitate to contact me right away.

Our Swiss Ammo pouches are broken into 2 basic categories: 1960's Pouches.  These pouches are tagged with the letter 'S' and a number (i.e. S204) and Pre-1960's (Dated 1950's back to 1930's).  These pouches are tagged with the letters 'AS' and a number (i.e. AS204)  I also keep a small selection of extremely old and rare pouches that date to between 1920 back to just before 1900 - these very rare and expensive pouches I keep in my private reserve and are only shown to customers upon request.  You'll Notice 2 pouches below with numbers ending with 'r' will be among this collection (i.e. AS203r).

S204 - 1966

 S205 - 1967

S206 - 1963 (very rare date)

AS203r - 1903 - This pouch is extremely rare and special


AS205 - 1949

AS206 - 1931

AS207 - 1942

AS208 - 1944

AS209 - 1955

AS210r - 1924

AS211 1943

AS212 - 1943

Monday, July 4, 2016

Newly Arrived - Huge Shipment of France Croco Alligator Hides

Stain Lucia in Larger Scales)

Vintage Cognac


Hi strap lovers.  I'm very excited to announce the arrival of one of the largest shipments yet of Alligator hides from our ultra premium Alligator supplier France Croco.  We personally selected these hides from France Croco's Milan Warehouse on our last trip to Italy at the end of May and am very to present them here.  Many of these hides of one of a kind skins (samples and prototypes) so if you see one that you'd like us to use for your custom strap, don't hesitate, because once they are sold out it is very unlikely that we'll be getting these again:

Saint Lucia is a color we already offer, but this skin is larger - perfect for larger straps such as Panerai or Bell & Ross watches:

Vintage Cognac, is a color we already offer, but I believe this is the last of this color in the France Croco warehouse:

Antique Chestnut: This is a total one off color (tons of character here) that I couldn't pass up on it's a larger hide, which will be perfect for larger straps such as for Panerai and Bell & Ross

Acid Bleu:  Is a very unqiue blue with heavy antiqued finish

Caramel Brûlée:  This is a stunning color and finish - great for those who like the Vintage Cognac and Caramel d'Ore, but want a more Antiqued finish:

Bamboo: This is a beautiful light tan color with loads of character -

Nubuck Espresso: This is a stunning very Dark brown with a beautiful Sueded/Nubuck finish

Opalescent White in two finishes: One that is a more pure White Opalescent with a more matte finish and one that is a slightly more Ivory white with a bit of a glossy finish:  

 Tourbe Brune:  This is our all time favorite dark brown with just a hint of grey and one we've been offering for a while and perhaps our most popular color: